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dc.contributor.advisorCronje, Stan, Dr
dc.contributor.authorSalem, Abdussalam
dc.descriptionThesis (MTech (Public Administration))--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2019en_US
dc.description.abstractTraining is a strategic mechanism used for the achievement and deliverance of efficient and proficient public security. It is also used as a measure to observe the performance of the organisation, whereby fully trained and skilled employees will be capable of returning to the workplace providing optimal service within a safe and well-organised manner. However, there is a lack of effective quality training into the SAPS (South African Police Service) procedures offered to its officers. The poor training quality has negatively impacted South African police officers’ performance, which in return has opened a road to corruption and poor quality of police investigations and work ethic. The quantitative approach was used to determine the effectiveness of training presented to South African police officers and its impact on job performance. The research finds that SAPS’ method of training selection procedures are done unfairly; SAPS training programs are neither efficient nor effective. The research also finds a lack of needs assessment before officers are deployed to training facilities. It was recommended that to effectively level the current state of its training programs, SAPS should properly address its strategies and should concentrate on selecting the right people for the right training program. The research concluded that there will not be an amelioration within police officers’ work performance unless action and certain strategies are taken to adjust SAPS’ training programs. To do so, there is a need to consider strategies such as building trust among trainees, giving flexible learning options, inspiring police officers, starting with the basics and selecting experienced instructors.en_US
dc.publisherCape Peninsula University of Technologyen_US
dc.titleThe impact of training on performance: a study of selected members of the South African Police Servicesen_US
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